leading up

i believe that the best leaders are those that not only lead people well, but also allow themselves to be lead by those they lead. most people refer to this as “leading up”. it may seem like a contradiction, but it’s not. if leaders are learners, what better way to learn than from those you lead.

so, about a month ago, our staff held our annual performance reviews. about 10 days in advance, i sent the following questions to my team in an effort to become a better learner/leader. 

  1. What do I do in my roll that leverages you personally and/or your area of ministry focus the most?
  2. What do I do in my roll that stifles or frustrates you personally and/or in your area of focus?
  3. What is it that I do that you wish I did more of… and what should I stop doing?
  4. If tomorrow you were directing the Family Life Ministry at LHC, what are the first changes you would begin to make? Methodology… Structure… Program… etc….

rather than list all the feedback verbatim, here’s what i took away from this time that i need to be working on:

  • more purposeful and intentional prayer time with team
  • continue to develop team environment in student ministry
  • lead team to do ministry out of the overflow/excess
  • gather team for fellowship more frequently
  • increased presence at weekly ministry events
  • more feedback on weekly ministry performance

what are you learning from those you lead?