The Faith of Leap

Crisis is no bad thing. In fact it’s an opportunity to rediscover the adventurous church. We will have to take risks, to chance failure, to be willing to walk away from the familiar paths that have brought us to this point.

It’s time to move, to cast off from safe shores, and take a journey again!

–Alan Hirsch, The Faith of Leap

It was a year ago today that I cast off from safe shores and set sail for the unknown. A day that I walked away from safety and security of what my family and I had known for a significant portion of our lives and stepped out in to an adventure that God was calling us to.  It’s been an amazing journey thus far; not like I expected and yet far better than anticipated. The people who have played a role in the past 12 months are the most important part of the story so if you will indulge me for a moment, there’s a few I’d like to thank.

  • Dennis Jeffrey – you’re belief in me means more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for supporting our vision and taking a chance on an unproven yet eager church planter.
  • Tom Greco – your weekly encouragement via text is a constant reminder that we’re not in this alone.
  • Chad Zunker – couldn’t have done it without you. Wouldn’t have wanted to.
  • Jeremy Self – who would have thunk it?  I know it had always been part of your vision to have a team. We’re just getting started.
  • Mac Richard – as my pastor for 12 years (and boss for 8 of those), I regularly apply lessons learned while at LHC. Grateful for my time there.
  • Chris Larsen – I’ve learned more about teaching and preaching from you than anyone else. There’s no better one out there.
  • Mark Groutas – it’s fun watching your faith of leap from a distance. So awesome to hear about what God’s doing through you in Denver.
  • Brandon Hatmaker – you challenge me bro. And I hate it (haha). Privilege to serve our city alongside you and ANC.
  • The Church at Lake Travis – no words, just tears of joy and excitement. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or serving anyone else.

And last but certainly not least: Wendy, Caitlin and Parker. You guys are my love and my life. Your support (and at times tolerance) of me in the last year has been incredible. You guys are my rock. I love you with all my heart.


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