saturday shout out

stealing a page from my friend Zak White, here’s the stuff i am excited/not excited about:

  • JACKED about attending NewSpring Church tomorrow.
  • SUPER JACKED about having the opportunity to spend Monday at the Masters in Augusta, GA.
  • NOT JACKED that there is a chance of thunderstorms on Monday.
  • NOT JACKED about leaving my family for 3 days.
  • JACKED about it being Passover week. 
  • JACKED about the new series, Soulmate, coming after Easter.
  • JACKED about not bragging, but i’ve spent time in God’s Word for 13 straight days thanks to this new tool.
  •  NOT JACKED about missing services at LHC tomorrow.  Wish we had an online campus 🙂

5 responses

  1. been there, done that. take a good cigar and smoke it on Amen Corner…awesome experience. the speed of the greens cannot be seen on t.v., enjoy the talent these guys have, they me of you.

  2. Alex-long time my friend. How’s Wendy? Where are you now? Looks like you’re pastoring a church. I’m Associate at a fast growing church in Huntsville Alabama. Would love to hear from you. Email me. I think I left you the address. See ya Bro.

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