Top 5 Friday

Top 5 places I’ve enjoyed visiting the most (in order):

  1. Maui, Hawaii (A-MA-ZING)
  2. Zermatt, Switzerland (i ate fondue at the base of the Matterhorn – heavenly)
  3. Evian, France (drinking water is excellent – just kidding. just beautiful)
  4. Disney World (the happiest place on earth – literally)
  5. Asheville, NC (just like Austin, but east of the Mississippi)

What are your top 5?


2 responses

  1. 1. Whistling Straights, WI
    2. Pebble Beach, CA
    3. Kingsbarns & St. Andrews, Scotland
    4. Valhalla (Louisville), KY
    5. Oakland Hills, MI

    Ask me again when I haven’t been watching golf for 3 hours, probably have different answers 🙂

  2. this came from my friend Jason Johnson via Twitter:

    in no order: Paris, Stockholm, Barcelona, NYC, London. The last for way to short.

    three runners up: Kwajalien Atoll, Puerto Rico, Casablanca.

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