138 days

So, it’s officially been 138 days since my last entry in which i boldly stated that i agreed with Wired magazine’s assessment that blogging had jumped the shark. I still believe this to be true – for the most part.

My observation is that over the last several months there has been a decline in the frequency of blogging by established bloggers and an increase in other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

However, for me, I have decided there are things that I want (maybe need) to say that do not belong on Facebook, or in which I need more than 140 characters to express.

So, I’m back. 

BTW – You like the new look?


7 responses

  1. blogging is much greater than facebooking!
    however other social media are giving a different feeling…it is all useful and important after all.


  2. Welcome back senor Alexander! … it was this blog that got me connected to Cross Point church here in Nashville then to Pete Wilson then to Blake Bergstrom then to 2 awesome community groups then my own blog – all because of this blog! I’m glad you’re back 🙂

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