i need a revival

the other day i was reading the paper and there was an article about a recent mishap regarding Billy Graham. as i recall, i think he had taken a spill at home. anyway, my 12 year old son was sitting next to me and it dawned on me that he might not know anything about Billy Graham, crusades, or revivals.

this conversation reminded me of my Southern Baptist childhood and the church’s annual revival.  in the church world, a revival is a 3-4 day series of worship services designed to inspire active members and to gain new converts typically using a well-known speaker (and worship leader) to make the event “special”.  

i think what i enjoyed most as a teenager was the adventure that came with the thrill of the unknown that revivals brought with them. what was the speaker going to be like?  would he inspire me?  would i like the worship leader?  would my life change in some way?  would i learn something new about my faith?  would a friend i had invited come to know the Lord as his Savior?

call me corny, but i love revivals. 

i wonder why we don’t do them anymore?

i need a revival. who’s with me?


2 responses

  1. Hey Al,
    We had one back in the spring. It went great and we had a few to make decisions. We are small church where revival is still part of the system. However, I tell you this to let you know that our evangelist name was Jack Daniels. He was awesome. Old School. He said from the beginning he was not there to share, but to preach and boy did he. I advertised the revival like this;

    FBC Hackberry
    All the Jack Daniels you want!!!


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