middle school changes

along with other big changes at LHC in recent weeks, our middle school ministry has recently made some major changes as well.

the smallest change was the name. from Quake, to Aftershock. we felt a name change was needed since the changes were so drastic. we wanted the new event to have a new name so it would not be associated with the old one. maybe not necessary, but you have to admit, Aftershock is a cool name.

the biggest change was moving from sunday mornings to wednesday evenings. under the leadership of Matt Williams, we outgrew the meeting space at The Warehouse. we noticed a disturbing trend that whenever we experienced a sunday at max capacity, attendance would drop in the weeks following. with a goal of reaching as many students as possible, this just didn’t sit well with our team. our only option was to move the ministry to a time and place we could use the worship center. wednesday’s just seemed to make sense.

the move off of sunday to wednesday has also allowed for more time with students. on sunday’s were limited to one hour. we have expanded our time on wednesday evening to two and half hours. the doors open at 6:00 for an hour of hang time, pizza, tutoring, basketball, skateboarding, crab soccer, foursquare, etc… the kids are eating it up (pun intended). at 7:00 we start our worship/teaching time. then at 8:00 we wrap it up with small group time before dismissing at 8:30.

you want to know the greatest part? there have been 48 brand new students come through our doors that have never attended before. i would venture to say that most (if not all) of them would never have attended on a sunday morning.

i’m just so thankful to be a part of a church community that allows us to take chances on changes.

if you know a middle schooler in the austin area that needs a place to belong, you will find us every wednesday night at 6:00 in the worship center doing our best to reach students in the city of Austin and beyond.

Matt has his own thoughts on the changes HERE.


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