becoming vs. doing

in our first leadership lyceum the other day, the topic of “becoming vs. doing” briefly entered the discussion.  even though this is a leadership subset of the family life team whose responsibilities include an excellent execution of ministry, the purpose of our weekly gathering is to focus on character issues and who we are becoming in Christ, as opposed to what we are accomplishing in our respective ministry areas.  we don’t talk about ministry attendance, volunteer recruitment or retention, etc…  we talk about character integrity and who we are at the core.

i have a belief that just as form should follow function from a design perspective, that doing should follow becoming.

see, the world defines us by what we do, but God’s Word centers on who we are in Christ (a new identity) and tells us to express this new identity in what we do.  make no mistake that becoming and doing are clearly interrelated, but the Biblical order is critical.  what we do should flow out of who we are.  otherwise, our worth and identity are determined by our accomplishments. the trouble with that is that once we stop performing, we cease to be valuable to ourselves or the organization. if you answer the question, “Who are you?” by what you do, the world has a sobering way of responding with “What have you done for me lately?”

the parable of the vine and branches (John 15:1-10) is a great reminder that to accomplish things for the kingdom we must be consistently in relationship with, and abiding in Christ. as a matter of fact, these verses seem to imply that if focus on becoming (abiding), that there is no limit to our doing.

i believe with all my heart this team is on the verge of something spectacular. not because of what we will do (or God through us), but because He will honor who we are becoming.

stay tuned.

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4 responses

  1. What a thought provoking post. I had a conversation with a fellow school teacher that moved into theology. She does not connect with a local church because she likes to smoke, drink, and use profanity. She thinks, “I can’t go to church because I do these things.”. If I pushed it further, her theology would also say that she cannot go to heaven because of the lifestyle she enjoys.

    One of the battles to overcome is the “rewards based on works” mentality. Jesus did not die on the cross to change my shirt, He died to change my heart. Somewhere along the line, my lost friends learned that they have to clean up their lives before they can commit to Jesus and the local church. They did not learn that we can become new creations. The old will go away only when the new has come.

    Kaufman, Tx.

  2. AMEN brother! I need this reminder daily, unfortunately! But it is good to know that I am around a group of people who get IT. Thanks for your heart and I pray that your team continues to become all that God has created them to be.


  3. Wow, good words. The parable of the vine and the branches spoke to me two days ago as an answer to some of my questions. So cool to see we’re on the same page…woohoo

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