no “i” in team

a little shout out. the family life team that God allows me to be a part of may be the most selfless team on the planet. 

  • as i type this, our early childhood director Laurie Byington, is standing outside in the heat serving up pizza to our middle school students as a volunteer
  • in addition, our middle school director Matt Williams volunteers faithfully every Sunday night at our weekly high school event.
  • our assistant early childhood director, Denise Grosch, is a volunteer leader in our DivorcecCare ministry.  
  • Kirk Gentzel (high school director) and his wife Kerra volunteer every week with our middle school ministry. 
  • my favorite example is Doug Connolly, our assistant elementary school director, staying every Sunday night and volunteering to help with our elementary school kids during our adult Core Classes.

each of them have responsibilities in their specific areas of ministry that they must tend to everyday and for which they collect a paycheck. and yet, they volunteer additional hours to other areas of ministry.

they understand, practice, and appreciate that there is no “i” in team.

go team.


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