love and lessons learned

so, my blog post on politics the other day (here) ignited more of a firestorm than i anticipated. seems that some (most) of you interpreted my comments as an endorsement for a candidate that you did not want me to vote for and felt the need to “correct” my line of thinking. 

a brave few of you dared to leave me public comments. others of you sent me email “behind the scenes” or talked to me in private. 

i appreciate the love. i really do. i am glad to know that I have friends that care enough to speak up.

however i also learned a lesson: never discuss politics at the dinner table (or on your blog).

i realize that as a pastor who is part of a local community of believers, that comments and discussions on this blog might be scene as speaking on behalf of the entire community. while it’s true that these are my personal thoughts and feelings, it’s too difficult to separate them from others that i represent.

so, in the spirit of not causing any dissension, i’ll leave the politics to others.



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