truly conflicted

for those that know me it will come as no surprise to tell you that i have voted for the Republican nominee in just about all political elections for the last 20+ years. i think i did cast a vote for an independent or two along the way.

but for the coming presidential election, i am truly conflicted. i’m not a huge fan of either candidate. however, i know that the country is need of change and agree with Obama that “we can’t have another 4 years like the last 8”.

anybody else feeling conflicted? convicted?



5 responses

  1. Bro, I’m feelin’ ya. I go back and forth with the things that must change at home over against the things that I have traditionally stood for regardless of who says them just because he’s in a specific party. I get the “Pro-lifers must vote Republican” argument, but I can’t ignore the other God-given mandates and make abortion the only determining issue on voting in this election.

    Plus, I’d like to have a president that I’m confident will live for the tenure of his presidency. Add to that the VP choice announced this morning, I don’t feel too confident that a 2 year veteran to this level of leadership is in any way ready to lead our nation in the event of a death in the Oval Office.

  2. Alex… Obama spoke out against a bill allowing abortion survivors to live — he killed the bill.

    Change for change’s sake is useless unless he would take is in a different direction. And what exactly has been so bad about the last 8 years that one can point to that Obama would fix? He’s going to stop terrorists? He’s gonna secure the border? Tax raises kill economies — and ours is pretty good shape overall (with some storm clouds). Step away from the Kool-Aid brother. 🙂 McCain was not my first choice wither, but let’s not go crazy.

    All that and I didn’t even mention his racist church and the terrorist (Bill Ayres) he calls “mentor”.

  3. obama- the most liberal candidate the dems have put up in years, future supreme court nominees and decisions-SCARY! lets give Paline a chance, she goes to God for her direction.

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