everyone’s job

Back in the mid 90’s I was Dean of Students at a Christian university in East Texas. I learned a leadership lesson in my time there that has stuck with me. 

Like most organizations, a university is split into different departments. Admissions is that department at a universtiy that is responsible for introducing high school students to the university in an effort and hopes that they will attend. Most other jobs in the organization are tailored to students after they begin attending.

Then one day I heard the Dean of Admissions explain that, “Admissions is everyone’s job.” She expalined that when a student is making a decision to attend the university, they make that decision not solely based on their interaction with the admissions counselor, but their interaction with current students, faculty, staff, facilities, program offerings, academic excellence, etc… So, while there was a department labeled “admissions”, and that it was charged to take the lead, getting students to commit was really everyone’s job.

This is no different in the church world when it comes to people visiting your church and deciding whether or not they are going to make it their home. Though I don’t work in the department that is responsible for setting a visitor’s first impression (parking, greeting, ushering), it is still my job. It’s everyone’s job. And not just our paid staff. If you belong to Lake Hills Church, it’s your job to.

Here’s a list of things (from Street to the Seat) to think about this next Sunday as you walk across your campus:

1.  If you see something that is broke, fix it
2.  If parking is an issue help someone find a place to park.
3.  When you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself.
4.  Help someone before they get to the lobby.
5.  Take someone under your wing for the day. 
6.  If the material in the lobby is out of date, throw it in the trash.
7.  If someone looks like they need help, they usually do.  Help them.
8.  When you find stuff (junk) laying around, remove it.
9.  If the trash is full, take it out.
10. Walk around the campus before, during, and after every service.
11. Pick up trash on your way in and out.
12. Straighten signs if needed.
13. If displays look messy, clean and straighten them.
14. Help someone find a seat before the ushers do.
15. Be available to give up your seat in a heartbeat.
16. Stop by every restroom in the facility and clean it before it needs it.
17. Wipe down every counter before calling someone else to do it.
18. Replace the paper in the restrooms yourself.
19. Look for people in need and serve them.
20. Come early and stay late.

After all, it’s everyone’s job.


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