i’m blown away

i know i shouldn’t be, but i am blown away on how Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio are handling the situation with Louie starting Passion Church in Atlanta.  

two giant men of faith with small enough egos to recognize God is bigger than them both and the city they are trying to reach.  thanks for the example Andy and Louie.

Click HERE to watch an interview with Louie conducted by Buckhead Campus Pastor Jeff Henderson.

i believe with all my heart that revival will break out in Atlanta because of this.  can’t wait to watch that unfold.


One response

  1. I first meet Andy Stanley and Louie “Butch” Giglio at First Baptist Church of Atlanta when we were all freshmen in college. (I only knew Louie as Butch, and didn’t know his real name then). Since I didn’t join First Baptist of Atlanta until late in my freshman year, I don’t know what happened before; however, I think that Andy and Butch had been buddies since High School or even before.

    My memories are much stronger about Andy since he was Dr. Stanley’s son, and he probably doesn’t remember me. However, I believed Andy to be a class individual even when he was an 18 year old. Today, I think that Andy would be most interested in reaching people for Christ than anything else.

    These two guys hung out together as teenagers and appeared to be really close. I wish both of them well. Both Andy and myself were in Wes Cantrell’s Sunday School class at First Baptist of Atlanta. There were only about a dozen of us guys in attendance. Andy seldom spoke out in class; however, when he did speak, he earned my respect.

    I remember that Butch got into a conflict with another driver as a teenager, and got beat up pretty bad. I don’t recall how this happened. On another ocassion, my sister and I were driving down Interstate 75 to First Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta, and saw Butch walking down the Interstate. His car had broken down, and he was stranded. My sister said he goes to First Baptist so we circled around, picked Butch up, and took him to church. My sister recently told me that Butch and Louie was the same person because I didn’t know it. She reminded me of the day when we picked up Louie. I’m glad we did.

    On another note, Andy began to work with the youth at First Baptist when he turned 19, and we seldom spoke; however, he always established eye contact, smiled, and greeted in passing. I moved away from Atlanta when I became 21, and haven’t had any contact with him since. I’m really applaud the Lord in what He has been able to accoomplish in both of their lives.

    Question: Does Andy ever play the piano at Northpoint? That guy could really play!

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