vacation day 9

we were sad to leave the rental house. it was fun.  i see many more home rentals in our future.

day 9 highlights:

  • we left the Scottsdale area and headed to the Grand Canyon. the drive is so unique. you start in desert, pass through prairie lands, and end up in the forest and mountains all in 90 miles.
  • we arrived at the Grand Canyon around noon. i wasn’t sure what to expect. the view was amazing. absolutely breathtaking.
  • we spent about 4 hours driving the east rim road to Desert View. again, all views were absolutely astounding.
  • we headed back to flagstaff through the town of Cameron and were pleasantly surprised at the views of the Little Colorado Gorge and the Painted Desert. a much more picturesque drive.
  • once back in Flagstaff we checked into the hotel before heading out to dinner at the local pizzeria – Roma’s Pizza.

we called it an early night. long drive tomorrow.


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