vacation day 7

day 7 was the Sabbath. so, we did our best to not do much of anything.

day 7 highlights:

  • as any good pastor would, we found a local church to attend. our choice was Phoenix First AOG. I had the opportunity to see Tommy Barnett speak at the C3 conference back in February so thought we would pay a visit.  the service was great and started our day off right. we missed our LHC peeps though.
  • after church we stopped at Chipotle for lunch.  we eat here enough i should probably buy the stock.
  • after returning to the house: i took a nap, caitlin read for a while, parker talked on the phone, and wendy lounged by the pool.  eventually the rest of us joined in on the pool action and worked on our tans.
  • in the early evening we kept with our tradition of ice cream for dinner on Sunday’s by heading the local Cold Stone Creamery.
  • the night ended with a 3 hour Phase 10 competition. caitlin was the grand champ.

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