vacation day 5

it’s hard to believe that our trip is half way over. we have definitely enjoyed ourselves will be back to this part of the country soon. the downstairs air conditioner froze up where the master bedroom is. it was a hot night. hopefully it will get fixed quickly.

day 5 highlights:

  • as usual, the boys woke up hours before the girls. we made breakfast tacos. good start to the day.
  • the boys headed out to the Grayhawk Golf Club. what a great time we had. it was hot, but golf in the desert is everything I imagined and more. hope to squeak in another round before we leave.
  • while the boys were golfing, the girls headed out for the favorite sport – shopping – at the Fashion Square Mall
  • after golf and the mall, we headed back to the house for some time by the pool. anything to escape the mid-afternoon heat.
  • for dinner we headed to Jasper’s Peak. it was happy hour with half priced appetizer’s. we sampled: Gulf Crab Dip, Shrimp Canape, Deviled Eggs, Shrimp and Grits, Beignets, and Honey Barbecue Wings.
  • the kids “had” to get some Baskin-Robbins again after dinner.
  • back at the house we huddled in the cool of the upstairs and watched Jim Gaffigan videos on You Tube before calling it a night.

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