vacation day 4

so far we are loving Arizona and the Scottsdale area. despite the triple digit heat. but man does it get hot here.  111 again today.

day 4 highlights:

  • boys were up early again. Wendy won the sleep late award.
  • we ventured out and about the north side of Scottsdale. stopped at a Target to pick up a few things.
  • after eating lunch at the house, we headed out to spend the afternoon at WaterWorld Safari. this was okay as water parks go. when you live near the best one in the world (Schlitterbahn), you get a little spoiled.
  • we were a little tired after a long day in the water, so we headed back to the house and Wendy made spaghetti for dinner.
  • the kids played Wii Olympics while wendy and i watched. then we walked a couple of blocks to our local Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. believe it or not, i didn’t have any. that might be a first.
  • We completed our Phase 10 game from the night before. Wendy is the family champion!
  • Early to bed, the boys have golf tomorrow and the girls have their favorite sport – shopping.

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