vacation day 2

spent the night in Las Cruces, NM at the brand new Drury Inn. pretty decent place as far as travel hotels are concerned. as usual, I was up at the crack of dawn. i woke, showered, went to the lobby where I ate breakfast and read the newspaper before returning to the room to wake everybody up. it was 7:30am and daylight was wasting.

Day 2 highlights:

  • traveling tunes: more switchfoot, 80’s mix CD and the Eagles
  • movies: school of rock, 27 dresses
  • we played music trivia. and yours truly totally dominated.
  • just before leaving New Mexico we stopped at an old ghost town in Steins, and ironically it was “closed”.
  • we stopped at the In-n-Out burger in Tucson for lunch. simple concept and simple menu. the french fries are great.
  • after leaving Tucson, we slowly watched the temperature increase from 98 to 111. make no mistake, it’s hot,  but very little humidity actually makes it bearable.
  • after arriving in Phoenix, we drove around town to get our bearings. then headed to our vacation house.
  • the rental house is more than we could have expected. great area, friendly neighbors, everything was just perfect.  Everybody unpacked, kids hit the pool, Wendy and I hit the grocery store for steaks. life is good.

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