vacation day 1

we left Austin yesterday morning to venture to sunny (and hot) Arizona for a week long vacation.  a bit of a delayed start though because someone TP’d the house. that’s the second time in the last 2 months that someone has rolled the house the night before we were leaving to go out of town. I’m beginning to think conspiracy.

Day 1 highlights:

  • traveling tunes: the fray, david crowder, u2, switchfoot, michael buble and the jonas brothers.
  • movies: batman begins, sydney white, caitlin’s spring dance concert
  • we played trivia – American and Kids trivia. Wendy is the champ so far.
  • i had forgotten how beautiful the drive is on I-10 between San Antonio and El Paso. wow.
  • stopped in El Paso for dinner at AJ’s Diner.  Wendy lived here one year during high school. AJ’s is an old 50’s diner. the vanilla and chocolate malts were incredible.
  • after 8 hours in the car we were still in Texas. drove 45 minutes past El Paso to Las Cruces to spend the night. didn’t want to drive all day and not leave the state.  

2 responses

  1. Sorry about the TP but isn’t it also kind of fun? A long lived tradition for sure. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words. Have a GREAT vacation! (Maybe I need to make that I-10 drive with my paintbox along…)

  2. glad you got to experience the 915 area code AJ’s style – ha; ashley and I are beginning our road trip tomorrow the other way-to Nashville (a couple more trees I think…) my dad says to stop for some real Mexican food on your way back (Avila’s or Riviera) if you dare that I-10 post mexican borj meal with the whole family… hope the vacation is great – we really enjoyed your sermon Sunday – tell the family we all say hi – one love.

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