decentralized leadership

I’m a huge fan of decentralized leadership. I like having responsibility. I thrive on the pressure that comes with it (responsibility). This is one of the primary characteristics of a decentralized organization – leadership and accountability spread throughout the organization and not falling on the shoulders of any one individual.

Here’s a qoute from a fascinating interview with Johnson & Johnson CEO – William Weldon.

“This is because the problem with centralization is if one person makes one mistake, it can cripple the whole organization. This way, you’ve got wonderful people running businesses. You have to have confidence in them, but you let them run it — and you don’t have to worry about making that one big mistake.”

This, from a CEO who leads a decentralized organization with $61 Billion in annual revenue! (click HERE to read or watch the interview.)

I believe this was Jesus’ intent in empowering the disciples (12 or 72 – take your pick). He understood that for the church to truly make an impact, He would have to give up control (He also knew He wouldn’t be around to do it himself). He knew they would make mistakes, and He wouldn’t have to worry about the one big mistake. He had faith and confidence in them. 

The fact that I am writing this blog some 2000 years later is testament to that.

Control or chaos, take your pick. I’ll take chaos everytime. Jesus did.


2 responses

  1. Usher: Hey Deak, you think these guys can actually live like us buzzards?

    Deacon: Not sure Usher, not sure

    Usher: Hopefully they’ll figure out that one man can’t rule the whole flock…..

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