eating lunch alone

I did something on Monday of this week that I rarely do. I ate lunch alone. There are a few activities that I prefer to be alone while doing – listening to music, browsing the local bookstore, and shopping for clothes come to mind. Eating, however, is not one of them. Not sure why that is. I think it is because the Bible has a lot to say about breaking bread TOGETHER.  Just something about sharing that meal – as I feed my body with food, I am feeding my soul and spirit when I am with others. 

While sitting at the counter at the local Viet-Thai place, my mind drifted to the old adage that “leadership is lonely”.  And I made a decision. I decided right then and there that I don’t believe that. I’ve never really believed it. I believe leadership can be lonely at times, but it is not intended or designed to be that way. (I blogged about this a few months ago HERE).

Here’s why I don’t believe this. I don’t believe that God would create such an important role such as elder, deacon, overseer to build His church and design it to be lonely. I just don’t buy it. By default this is a position of leadership within the context of community. Without community the position does not exist. You community may try to isolate you, but you don’t have to let them.

Also, loneliness is never talked about in a positive light in the Bible. Believe it or not, there are no scriptures in the Bible on the benefits of isolation and being alone. These things are always talked about in a negative light. As leaders we sometimes need to get away for recreation, relaxation, and renewal. Or, to allow God to speak to us. But, we should never be alone or lonely. If we are, we have done that to ourselves.  If we are, we should not resign ourselves to it, but rather do something about it.

Thank you Jesus that you walked alone so that I don’t ever have to.


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