vbs day three

Today will be remembered as the day that Susan was diagnosed with Strep throat and they took her appendics out!  Seriously, the lady on the right in the picture below is Susan (the one on the left is my lovely). Susan is our Children’s Ministry Admin (Chief/Boss/Big Kahuna/Etc.).

As it turns out she began not feeling well on Tuesday night which continued into yesterday. Towards the end of VBS, she checked in with the nurse who runs our VBS infirmary. After looking at her throat, the VBS infirmary nurse encouraged her to go to the Urgent Care clinic and have it checked out. The Urgent Care clinic checked out ALL her symptoms and ended up sending her to the hospital. At the hospital, they ran a CAT scan and determined that her appendics needed to come out. So last night Susan had emergency appendectomy surgery.

She is doing great, recovering nicely and will likely go home today. Please pray for her physical recovery, but also for her emotional recovery because I know she is beside herself that she can’t be at VBS.

Click HERE to see more picture from VBS.



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