vbs day four

Day four is always the toughest. I like to call it Black Thursday. With Wednesday being the day we present the Gospel, the tendency is to let up a bit on Thursday. We take our foot off the pedal and coast a bit. We forget to be timely. We forget to check parents ID’s. All sorts of fun stuff. We even prepared for it in advance this year to no avail. I came close to losing it 3 times before actually losing it (in a God-honoring way of course).

At the end of the day I can’t believe the amount of work that has gone into the week. Our nearly 400 volunteers are really doing a fantastic job. I believe that God is pleased with our efforts on his behalf. Our official attendancethus far is 1170. In just our fourth year, this is quite an accomplishment. It is one of the best events we do as a church because the team comes together to really create an environment in which the Holy Spirit can move. Where else can you motivate a group of volunteersto unwrap over 1200 individually wrapped Rice krispie treats and ask them to re-wrap them in gold foil to coincide with an object lesson?

I’m also really looking forward to tomorrow’s final day and the weeks ahead as we meet with all the children who have made decisions to follow Christ. Can you think of anything more rewarding?


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