double vision

This past week in saff meeting, Mac suggested that to lead with vision meant that we should always be leading our organization like we were double whatever our current size. In essence, leading in a way that gets us to where we want to be – not where we are.  I like to call it leading with double vision.

When he first said it, my mind started racing. Having spent some time in the corporate world, this usually meant that we got more money in our budgets, we got more staff and that new staff became more specialized. AND, I usually got paid more to do less.  Everytime I saw this happen, the company would get further away from it’s vision. It’s not surprising either. Part of the American ethos is to figure out how to work less and make more money. It’s called passive earning (that’s an actual term). And, it’s ridiculous. This type of thinking has no place in the church.

In all actuality to lead with double vision may mean that I need to work twice as hard (not necessarily twice as long, but maybe more).  It may mean that I need to discover ways to make my current budget dollars go twice as far. It may mean that I have to figure out ways to accomplish more work and meet more needs with the same amount of staff. It may mean that I have to do something that is not in my job description that otherwise may go undone.

Having said that, there are definitely times when more money and staff are the appropriate strategy to accomplish more. But more money and more people does not equate to growth.

I’m going to end this post here and continue the discussion another time. Would love to hear your thoughts as I continue to process.


2 responses

  1. So how do you measure growth? More staff, more memberships, more tithe, more building fund pledges?

    Or is your job to work yourself out of your job, make yourself dispensable?

    Deacon & Usher…..

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