happy birthday parker

Today is Parker’s 12th birthday. I cannot believe that he is twelve and will start the 7th grade this fall. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home. For those who have never met him, here’s what you should know:

  • He loves God with all his heart.
  • He has the best laugh ever.
  • In 2nd grade he ate pizza every single day for lunch.
  • He will beat you at Guitar Hero. On expert, any song.
  • Quality time is his love language.
  • He’s growing in his faith and is serious about it.
  • He’s funny (especially when he’s not trying to be).
  • He’s kind and compassionate.
  • Won’t take a risk unless he knows he will succeed.
  • He does not like vegetables.
  • He laughs a lot because he is joyful.
  • He cares more about others than himself.
  • He eats breakfast with me every Friday morning (for two years now) at Chick-fil-a to study God’s word. And, he always orders the 4 count Chicken Mini Combo with a Dr. Pepper. Always.
  • He makes his mother, sister, and I proud. WE LOVE HIM LOTS!


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