influence and impact

I just heard one of the most insightful talks on leadership that I will likely ever hear. Steve Price, Vice President Global Consumer Business HR at Dell, spoke at the launch of the Spur Leaders ministry. I’ve known Steve for about 5 years now and can attest to his character and passion for life, business, family and ministry. 

Some of his comments:

  • Leadership is a journey – you never actually arrive.
  • Everybody leaves an impression but not everybody makes an impact.
  • Impact is created through the influence of one person on another person or group of people.
  • Success comes in cans – not cannots.
  • Influence is the ability of getting people to willingly do what the organization needs done.
  • Great leadership traits are behaviors and behavior is a choice. Great leadership is really about choice.
  • Influence is about trust and engagement.
  • Leadership in an amateur sport. Great leaders do it for the love of it.

If you want to hear this in person, then you need to register for the Spur Leaders Conference this October.


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