xpastor superhero

Today I had the incredible opportunity to meet with Dr. David Fletcher who serves as an Executive Pastor at Grace Covenant Church here in Austin.  David is also the founder of XPastor.org which is an organization devoted to Executive Pastors, church leaders and Senior Pastors. Doesn’t it sound like an underground organization of clerical superheroes?  David graciously spent 90 minutes with me. In that time we learned a bit about one another, discussed leadership, and ministry in Austin.

Whenever I have the opportunity to connect with other leaders in ministry, I come to the table with questions to keep the conversation focused and not waste their time. I want to learn! Here’s the questions I asked him:

  1. When did Grace bring on the role of XP and how did it come about?
  2. What qualities are necessary to be an excellent XP?
  3. What does the relationship between the XPs (they have two) and the Sr. Pastor look like? Who does what?
  4. How do you “lead up” while still respecting the authority of the Sr. Pastor?
  5. How do you foster healthy relationships amongst the staff?
  6. How do you measure healthy community at Grace?

I’m still processing the conversation, and there was too much information to list his answers here. However I will tell you that his office setup looks like a living room with no desk. It’s helpful in creating a more relational environment. So guess what I’ll be doing when the time is right? Ditching the desk.

If you’re looking for a website with tons of helpful information on church administration and leadership, you’ll find just about everything you’re looking for at XPastor.org.

Thanks David for taking the time out of your schedule.


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