hospitality in spades

A few weeks ago my friends (Cole and Zak) at The Connection Church invited me down to evaluate their weekend worship experience. They’re both at the leadership conference at Saddbleback this week, so I won’t make the results public here, but this much I can tell you: The Connection Church is one of the friendliest churches I’ve ever visited.

They were extremely warm, welcoming, and have hospitality in spades. One of the greeters went out of his way – crossed the street – just to greet me and shake my hand as I arrived. Another gentleman in the lobby (Randy, I think) welcomed me, and upon discovering I was a first time visitor informed me – “We’re a Bible believing church that takes our faith seriously with a casual approach.”  A greeter – articulating vision. I love it.

Though they are currently a church of 400 and I serve at a church of 3000, I learned a lot that I plan on sharing with our team in an effort to improve our weekend experience at LHC.

Way to go Connection Church! 


2 responses

  1. Alex,

    I’m so proud and humbled at the same time. Proud of our peeps who blow me away every week with their service and humbled by your praise.

    Pam and I attended Lake Hills several times before we launched TCC and were always inspired and fed.

    I’ll be sure to pass this on to Randy and some others who were on the frontline on Sunday morning. See you when we get back in town.

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