iphone or blackberry or ?

I have had the same smart phone now for about 1.5 years, the Nokia E62, and it has served me well (minus having a camera). In the some 10 years I’ve been carrying a cell phone, I have been a big advocate of Nokia. I’ve tried a couple of other brands, but all the Nokia phones I’ve ever owned have taking a beating and kept on ticking. However, with the advent of blogging and twittering, I feel like it’s time to make a change to a smart phone with a camera.

I was all set to pick up the iPhone as soon as the rumored price drop to $199.00, but now the announcement of the Blackberry Bold  with a touch screen has thrown me for a loop.

What should I do? Is there another option that would be great? Am I missing an option? Let me know.


2 responses

  1. I’ve been an iPhone user since Day One, and haven’t been disappointed in the least. I would say, whatever you decide, wait until after June 9th when Apple announces the new version of the iPhone.

  2. while i do love my iphone, i’ve got to say that i LOVED my bb. the iphone lacks a copy paste function, and it drives me crazy! other than that its pretty perfect.

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