not so secret shopper

This weekend I will be visiting The Connection Church as a “not so secret shopper”.  The church has just moved into a new facility and Cole and Zak have asked me to attend their services this weekend in an attempt to help refine the visitor experience. I need your help in building my criteria.

If someone were visiting your church for the first time, what would you want to know about their experience? 


3 responses

  1. To know that the leadership is real would be my first comment.
    To know that a person attending a new church can be themselves and still reflect a Godly image.
    I have found that many churches that have been around for awhile and if their congregation is up in age you can expect old ways and cultures which cannot be changed.
    And last by not least that is a Bible Based Church.

  2. Hey alex – interesting question!

    I guess I would want to know how they got there, did they feel welcomed without being pressured, did they experience God in some way, is there anything we can do to serve them this week and most importantly, did you like our free latte’s???

    Keep up the great work Alex

    Andrew Magrath

  3. Alex,

    Thanks so much for hanging with us this morning. I really appreciate you taking the time to be with us. It means a lot to know you’re pulling for us and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts from your firsthand experience. We’ve really never had someone come in like that, and I think it’s going to help us up our serve!

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