like father like son

We’ve been dealing with a bit of an issue as of late with our 11yr old son Parker. It seems that he doesn’t believe much of what we tell him. He has to figure things out for himself. Like a modern day Doubting Thomas if you will.

For instance, the other night he got into a disagreement with his mother in regards to the type of bread we were eating at dinner. It was a showdown pitting sourdough (Parker) vs. baguette(Wendy). The conversation went something like this:

Parker – “What kind of bread is this?”

Wendy – “Baguette”

Parker – “Are you sure?”

Wendy – “Pretty sure.”

Parker – “I think it’s sourdough.”

Wendy – “Nope son, it’s baguette.”

Parker – “It kinda tastes like sourdough.”

Wendy – (Rises from the table, to the pantry, grabs the package, back to the table) “Here you go. Right there, it say’s baguette.”

Parker –  sitting speechless 

I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with anything like this with your kids, but it is frustrating. I wish he would just take our word for it. Wendy and I would like to think we are not idiots. Constantly having to make him feel like an idiot as we prove ourselves correct time after time.

So tonight, my wife is busy in her “test kitchen” dreaming up recipes for our upcoming Vacation Bible School. One of her ideas is to make a “s’more on a stick”. Basic idea is to put marshmallows on a stick, roll them in chocolate and crushed graham crackers, then enjoy the gooey goodness. 

After dinner, she unleashed the new recipe on us. The conversation that followed went something like this:

Wendy – “So, how was it?”

Me – “Great. However this stick is way too sharp. Kids will get hurt.”

Wendy – “I know. It calls for regular size Popsicle sticks, but all I had were these jumbo tongue depressor sized ones and they didn’t work. They smushed the marshmallows.”

Me – “Oh, yeah?” (Promptly grabbing jumbo stick and attempting to shove it into a marshmallow)

Wendy – “You know that’s where he get’s it.”

Me – sitting speechless


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