We all need encouragement. Encouragement is a motivator.

Whether it is in dealing with paid staff or volunteers, it’s amazing what a kind word (in person or via email), a pat on the back, a gift card to a favorite coffee shop or smoothie bar, a standing ovation (as we are prone to breakout spontaneously at staff meetings), or a heartfelt note can accomplish toward inspiring or motivating people in your organization.

Few things are more important in fostering community than appreciation. In 3 John 5-8, John wasted no time in letting his friend Gaius know how much he appreciated his gracious hospitality to strangers. That’s right, strangers. How much more should this apply to those we know, love, and experience life with?

Skilled leaders take advantage of every opportunity they have to let those on their team know they value them.

Who around you needs encouragement? What will you do to show your appreciation to someone else today?


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