hoping and praying for the best

So last night as my 14yr old daughter and I are sitting in the family room watching TV, she blurts out of the blue, “Guess who’s paying for my date tomorrow night?”  To which I quickly and without hesitation reply, “What date?”  To which she says, “Oh, mommy didn’t tell you?”  Not really my idea of a perfect evening around the house. We have a few communications issues to resolve.


As a dad first and foremost, and a pastor second, this is a day I knew was coming and have dreaded. She’s had a few boyfriends, but none of those relationships have really added up to much. The current boyfriend doesn’t even attend the same school. They just see each other at church. I like it that way.

To be fair, the young man she is dating is a great kid. He loves Jesus, he’s smart, I know his parents and he comes from a great home. The two of us actually had a date of our own last weekend when I treated him to dinner and accompanied him to my daughter’s spring dance recital man-to-man. All of her dates up to now have been group dates. However, tonight it’s just 2 couples. Her boyfriend is paying. I’m sick. I think I might throw up.


I have some boyfriend rules. One of which is that I must have his cell phone number. So, I grab my phone much to my daughter’s dismay and fire off a text message:

Me: “I expect you to take care of my little girl tomorrow night by being a respectful and considerate gentleman. Will you do that?”

Him: “Yes sir. I will be on my best behavior and treat her like a lady.”

Me:  “Thank You. Hope you guys have fun.”

Him: “Thanks, I’ll do my best.”

Here’s hoping and (praying) that his best is more than good enough for my daughter.


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