the week that was

Monday – VBS team meeting. Our goal is 1200 students. We are still 6 weeks out and have nearly 400 registered!  Our script is crazy good (thanks to Tom), music is going to be great (thanks to Kat and Ross), we hope to raise $15k for Mobile Loaves, and are praying like crazy that 100 kids would come to know Jesus because of the efforts. Get involved HERE.

Tuesday – Our first annual Campus Clean Sweep. With a church of over 3000 in attendance on the weekends and 40+ staff, we tend to collect a lot of junk.  So, we had two huge dumpsters delivered to campus so that we could clean out closets, rooms, etc… Man, did we throw away some stuff. Also, funny what you can learn about your staff/unity/team with an event like this.

Wednesday – I had lunch with Michael Bonner, Pastor of Children and Family Ministries at Westlake Bible Church here in town. He and his wife Michelle head up the booster club for the drill team that my daughter just made.  We spent an hour and a half getting to know one another, talking about ministry, and drill team. That’s right. I said it. Drill team.

Thursday – I had the incredible opportunity to catch a lunch seminar hosted by Priority Associates the business ministry of Campus Crusade.  Gordon Penningtion spoke on Image vs. Identity in a Mass Media Age: One Man’s Journey. Gordon is/was a “Who’s Who” in the area of marketing for some of the top companies in the world (Apple, Coke, Hilfiger to name a few). His story of encountering faith was amazing, not mention that he was incredibly insightful in the area of society and culture. Glad to know there are people out in the “real world” sharing their faith.

Friday – I wrote a paper for seminary, Wendy headed out to speak at our annual women’s retreat, Parker had early release from school and went home with a buddy to spend the night, and Caitlin had her annual Spring Dance show. What a way to wrap up a great week.


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