Here’s a sample of some of my favorite blog posts written by others over the last week or so:

  • Alden Ellis moved from working with students to overseeing pastoral care. I love it when an organizations are healthy enough to make moves like this. Read more here.
  • Mark Cuban vs. Bill O’Reilly. Need I say more? Read it here.
  • Tony Morgan wrote one I have been thinking. He just beat me to the punch. Avoid the void- here.
  • Our High School Director, Kirk Gentzel, blogged about Ben Gibbard the lead singer of Death Cab – here.
  • Our Assistant High School Director, Dan Smith, blogged about our upcoming summer camp – here.
  • Kem Meyer. She just makes me laugh. I think we could be friends. See it here.

BTW – I know I’ve said this before, but I think it is hilarious that the WordPress spell checker dictionary does not contain the word blog or blogged.


One response

  1. Your beach week sounds great. You might discover some additional things to do and see on my website,

    We are in the middle of a site rebuild and can’t add anything to it for a week or so, but it is loaded w/ fun stuff to do. And lots of it is free or cheap, like riding the ferry over to the Estuarium on Dalphin Island. (Cars cost a lot more, but it is cheap for people sans vehicle)

    Have a glorious summer & keep blogging. Your site designs are great.
    PS–I love coming to Austin, esp to dance and hear good music. And eat ! Lundy Wilder

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