the simple life

i’ve had a few things happen recently which have me longing for a more simple lifestyle. this great technological age has produced stuff like Digital Video Recorders, smart phones, laptop wifi hot spots, etc… all of this stuff sometimes makes my life a bit more convenient. i can record programs i like and watch them back when i want. i can check my email on my phone (don’t tell my pastor that i do this from the golf course! shhhhh!). i can get out of the office with my laptop and go do Internet research at Chick-fil-a or take it home with me to continue the work day.

some cool stuff.

however, in the last week a few awesome things have happened. my cable TV was not working the other morning so my 14yr old daughter and i sat in our living room from 6:15-7:00am just chatting about school, boys, and life with the tv off. we’ve recently switched email providers at work and i have not reconfigured my phone to check email. i have left my laptop at work the last 2 nights which has allowed me to fill the time by jumping on the trampoline or playing guitar hero with my son and spending more time with my wife.

technology sometimes makes life easier, but not always better. 


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