it’s spring break and i’m bored

I’ve been laid up at the house nursing a cold or sinus infection for the last couple of days. It’s spring break, my kids are out of town, and my poor wife is having to put with me since I don’t feel like going anywhere but am bored to tears.  As her luck would have it, we discovered a new video rental service (new to us anyway) called DVD Play

It’s just a little rental kiosk at the local grocery store.  You only get to keep the movie for 24 hours, but the cost is only .99 cents! There’s no application process, no clerks to deal with. You just put in the credit card, get the video, and go home. I love it. It’s especially great for those on a budget.  I went home and immediately canceled my monthly rental plan with my current DVD provider.

In the last 24 hours we have watched The Bourne Ultimatum, Dan in Real Life, and Becoming Jane. Don’t tell Wendy, but I took a nap during that last one.

Gotta go return these and get a few more.


One response

  1. Hey bro, you should use this thing called a neti pot. It irrigates your nasal passages and gets all the junk out. You gotta make sure you tip your head the right way though and breath through your mouth, because if you don’t, it’ll go down your throat.

    My Sesei told me about it!

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