leadership does not have to be lonely

I’m taking a class in seminary  right now called The Theology and Practice of Fellowship.  This is basically a class on God’s purpose for fellowship and the doctrine of the church.  It’s been pretty thought provoking.

I find this whole subject absolutely fascinating. How God himself lives in community (trinity) and that it takes community (man & woman) to create a life that is in community (with mom) while in the womb. Yet, once we are born we spend the next 20+ years trying to become independent.

I subscribe to the notion that during the Creation, Adam spent a long time alone. Maybe even measured in years. I figure it would take quite a while for one man to name all the animals and at last count, there’s a bunch of animals on this planet (more than you could name in a day or so anyway). So Adam’s looking and sees community all around him. He looks up and sees more than one star, he sees more than one drop of water, he sees more than one blade of grass, he sees more than one type of animal. It appears that there are at least two or more of everything, but only one like him.  I think he is sad and lonely. And God says this is not good.

There’s no talk of personal quiet times in the Scriptures. There’s no talk of the priesthood of the believer – it’s believer(s). There’s no talk of my individual walk with Christ. The early church would have no concept of these things. We are for each other.

And finally a word for pastors: Leadership does not have to be lonely.  God did not intend it to be that way.  If you’re lonely, that’s your bad and not a symptom of leading an organization. Leadership is tough and demanding for sure, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.  You were not meant to be alone. 


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  1. These are some great thoughts on what is a common misconception in leadership. I feel as though lonliness should be more an indicator of a problem in my spiritual journey than an example of how high up the leadership chain I am. And that while authentic community becomes more and more difficult as a person’s level of influence grows, we still have to fight for broadening our circle of community rather than shrinking it. If all I have is me and my family, then lonliness is only a step away. We cannot embrace lonliness as an excuse for avoiding the inherent pains of community and call it leadership.

  2. These guys are really smart and fun to be around. That is why I hang out with them and hopefully 1 of the reason’s for why I am not lonely! Especially without the family part!!! Love you guys! Thanks for your wisdom!

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