weekend wrap

Just a few random thoughts from the weekend:

  • I’m losing my voice. I don’t feel bad, but the voice is going quickly.
  • Threw the football with Parker on Saturday afternoon. We haven’t done that enough lately. Now that the weather is more spring like we will be back in action soon.
  • Church was incredible today. Mark and the band just rocked everyone’s face off. They did an arrangement of “Jesus Paid it All” that was out of this world. I miss the old hymns.
  • Too often churches are guilty of arm twisting people into serving – especially in children’s ministry. To try something new, we are wearing around stickers that say – “Ask me about my 30/30 prayer.” Instead of arm twisting, we are simply asking people to join us in praying that God would bring us 30 new volunteers in the next 30 days. This is not a bait and switch either. We actually mean it. Join us if you’d like.
  • My kids are choosing to spend their spring break at Camp of the Hills this week with our Middle School group cleaning up the camp and such. I’ll miss them, but the fact they want to spend their time serving under privileged kids makes their parents proud.
  • The Horns won a share of the Big 12 this afternoon. Hook em!

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