rockbridge seminary

While at C3 this past week, Wendy and I had the opportunity to have lunch with Dr. Gary Waller one of the founders of Rockbridge Seminary. I started classwork back in August toward a Master’s in Ministry Leadership.

I am just completing my third course and could not be more happy with my experience. The classes are extremely practical and are designed around the Purpose Driven model.  If you are looking for a place to get a great education on a flexible time schedule, then this is the place.


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  1. Alex, I came across your blog when doing a search on Rockbridge. I have recently completed the MML degree and Dr. Waller reviewed my portfolio. Rockbridge was a great experience for my as well. I was able to meet Dr. Simmions and Dr. Eldridge in Springfield, Mo a few years ago and that was so cool. It helped to know these guys really had a concern about me and my experience with Rockbridge.
    Keep up the good work.
    Tom Denton, Owensville, MO Student Minister

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