C3 post #2

As sometimes happens when you are at a large conference, Mac’s speaking time got pushed back to 1:00pm.  It didn’t seem to bother him too much.  We could all use a little extra prep time.

Ed Young has been the primary speaker so far today.  The subject matter has been “Betrayal” which comes from a message series that Ed just completed at Fellowship.  He has said some pretty cool stuff:

  • There’s an elephant in the room when it comes to leadership and it’s called betrayal.
  • Sometimes “pit” happens.
  • My enemies can’t betray me.  Only those I trust and who are close to me can betray me.
  • Ed quoting TD Jakes – “There’s always a Judas at your table and he’s close enough to kiss you.”
  • Betrayal strikes at crucial and critical times of growth.  That is the devil tipping us off to the blessing that is to come.
  • Betrayal is fueled by envy and jealousy. When we envy others we are sad at their success and glad at their failures.
  • And as only Ed could say – “When you are broke-down, you have to breakout so you can have a breakthrough.”

All really good stuff.  Mac’s up next. More later.


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