this week 5 years ago I…

started volunteering at the church office. 

The money well had run dry at the end of January 2003 at the high-tech start-up I had been working for.  After a cup of coffee with Mac, and a two-week break trying to figure out my next steps, I just started showing up at the church office on a volunteer basis to lend a helping hand.  There were only about 10 or so employees back then and any extra help was greatly appreciated.  

Every day I would show up and do essentially whatever anyone would ask – mostly helping out in the Spiritual Development area with Connection Groups (now Life Groups). This continued on for six months until a part-time salary became available in September. In January of 2004 I was offered the position of Pastor of Spiritual Development to which I gladly accepted.

Wendy and I can laugh about it now, but it was an incredible leap of faith. God showed up – as He is want to do when we need Him most.  The last 5 years has flown by and we have been blessed beyond measure by the people at LHC. Here’s to 25 more (I am hoping to retire at 65!)


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