KG comes home


Last night the Boston Celtics played the Minnesota Timberwolves.  This was important because it marked Kevin Garnett’s return to the arena he called home for 12 seasons prior to being traded to the Celtics last year.  Often times when a player is traded or leaves, and then returns to his former team’s court, he is booed, cursed, lambasted, etc…  Not last night. Not the fans in  Minnesota. Not KG. They are too good for that. The Minnesota crowd gave KG a standing ovation just prior to tip-off.

If God ever calls me away from LHC, or I am traded to another team down the road (don’t worry, I’m just 4 years into my 12 year contract!), I hope that my experience would be like the love-fest between KG and Minnesota. 

It bothers me that in the church when pastors leave a position or pursue another direction that God has for their life that they are often times booed, cursed and lambasted. Or, when a pastor leaves a position or pursues another direction that he bad mouths his former team. I know that this is a rather simplistic view, but there’s just no room for that in the Kingdom. 

There goes the world setting the example again. Hope the church was watching.


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